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Welcome to BCity Tire Services, Inc. Since the company in Bradenton started 2 years ago, our Tire Shop has boomed, because we focus on delivering a great service at a very affordable price.

Our word of mouth advertising and repeat business from happy customers has cornered the Bradenton and Sarasota market in New & Used Tires.

Bradenton Used Tires and New Tire Shop. Also serves Sarasota cheapest tires in Sarasota and Manatee County

We offer a

  • Free Air Pressure check

  • Tire Wear check

  • Tire Condition check

Do you have a puncture? Often we can repair it safely. Our puncture repairs are done while you wait and we remove, fit, and inflate the tire at no charge.

Wheel Alignment

When did you last have your wheels aligned?

It is normally recommended to have your wheel alignment checked every 10,000 miles or at least once a year. Not only will it save you money on tires being replaced prematurely, but it can give you better mileage ( due to reduced rolling resistance) and also improve your vehicle handling. Our new wheel alignment machine can handle trucks up to F450!

“Symptoms” of having wheels with an incorrect alignment include:

• Excessive or uneven tire wear
• The steering wheel is not center when the vehicle is moving straight ahead.
• Feels like the vehicle is wandering.
• Steering wheel vibration particularly at higher speeds.
• The vehicle is pulling to the right or left.

We have invested in the latest Wheel Alignment hardware & software, so you can be confident that your wheels will be aligned correctly.

Call us now for a very competitive price ( usually cheapest in Bradenton & Sarasota! )

Brakes & Rotors

When did you last have your brakes replaced?

We can replace front and rear brake pads. Our very competitive prices vary depending on the vehicle.

We also can replace/repair the rotors if needed. If there is a safe thickness still remaining on the rotors we can save you money by 'reskimming' them instead of buying new.

Uneven or pitted rotors can significantly increase the wear on brake pads and also give much poorer brake performance.
We will also reskim for other auto-repair shops.


Sarasota,Bradenton motorbike repair shop We repair motorbikes, all makes and models. We do everything from a simple tune up to boost performance to full engine rebuilds. We offer very competitive rates.

Call 941 249 1831 to discuss your requirements.

Jetski Repair

Sarasota,Bradenton Jetski mechanical repairs, Good Marine MechanicWe have a highly experienced Jetski and Boat mechanic and offer very reasonable rates. We fit quality sourced parts and offer a professional diagnostic service. Jetskis take a lot of punishment, it is vital that the mechanical parts are properly maintained by an experienced marine mechanic.

Our jetski mechanic can diagnoze that strange rumbling noise or knocking sound, so don't let a small problem lead to a big problem! We service and repair the engine and workings of jetskis of all makes including Yamaha, Sea-Doo, Kawasaki etc.

Call us now on 941 249 1831 to discuss your requirements.

Boat Repair

Sarasota,Bradenton Boat mechanical repairs, Good Marine MechanicOur very experienced boat mechanic works on all boat repairs including full engine rebuilds for both inboard and outboard motors. We can work on 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines and can performregular maintenance services such as ignition tunes-ups, carb cleans etc. to keep your engine in peak condition.

Call us on 941 249 1831 to discuss your requirements.

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