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Brakes, Rims & Rotors

Brake Pads fitted Bradenton, Manatee and close to EllentonWhen did you last have your brakes replaced?

Your brakes are what you need to stop in an emergency so it is vital that the brake pads are not too worn, fitted correctly and in good conditon. We can replace front and rear brake pads. Our very competitive prices vary depending on the vehicle.

We also can replace/repair the rotors if needed. If there is a safe thickness still remaining on the rotors we can save you money by 'reskimming' them instead of buying new.

Uneven or pitted rotors can significantly increase the wear on brake pads and also give much poorer brake performance.

We will also reskim for other auto-repair shops.

Alloy Wheel Repair and Steel Rim Repair

Steel Rim Repair, Alloy Rim Repair in Bradenton, Manataee County. Serving nearby areas such as Sarasota and EllentonWe offer several other services at our Bradenton Service Center along with our new & used tire services. This includes full Wheel Alignments, Brakes Replacement, Rotor Replacement & Rotor Skimming. We also offer Rim Repair ( both Alloy Rim Repair and Steel Rim Repair). Very few places do this specialized work and we are pleased to have invested in the latest technology to offer customers a superior result.

Having the right equipment is paramount to create a superior quality rim repair. We can remove most rim scuffs, rim scratches, rim gouges and rim dents.

It is far cheaper to have a rim repair than pay for a new rim!